The latest apps and transfer codes if you are an access bank customers or seeking to call their customer service to resolve an issue for you. Then read on below and check for other topics here on this site. Because we shall update it regularly . So when I called their head office in Lagos. 

Nigeria and checked their app which you can download on google play on your phone.
See the latest codes and how to use them carefully so as not to make any mistake. if there is any process explained here you do not understand it’s better to ask and I will respond within twenty four hours.
The cashless Central Bank of Nigeria made a policy that will enable banks use mobile platform mobile apps and Access Bank made a service called *901# Banking Made Easy so that all access bank customers and potential clients can invest their money and perform cashless transactions.

Now let us see some of the benefit of access bank plc mobile platform codes

Its works like lightning speed network resource and pretty easy for everyone.
Its can be used for every day of the week and every week of the year. It means that even when the bank is on holiday, these banking channels are not on holiday.
You do not have to queue up in the banking hall.
If you like to pay Nepa bills and DSTV bills then you are lucky as this is the easiest way to pay for your subscription services.


Before you will be able to use the aces bank plc transaction codes, you need to create a security code.
What do I mean by a security code?
It is used as a PIN number so that anyone will not steal your phone and do this transaction.
For example, you can choose 1234
As you security code for any *901# service.
Again let me state here that BVN  number used to be needed but they have since stopped it.

So you can not use your BVN but you can use any four numbers of your choice and I agree that this layer of security is needed for the safety of your money and transactions with access bank plc.

You will require any of the following in order to register
Firstly, On your bank registered mobile phone number, dial *901#
Then follow the guide to select 8(NEXT) then 5(CREATE PIN) option in order to Create/Reset Pin
Enter the last four (4) digits of your Access bank ATM Card
You will be told to choose your security code for transactions in access bank plc

If the registration is successful, then you can perform bank transfers with any of the transfer codes below and on request, put your transfer code to carry out any of such things.

Transfer to other banks That are not access: Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. Charge is N100+N4.00(VAT)
Transfer to Access Bank: Dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#  from your phone number, then confirm with your transfer security code.
NOTE: only use the Phone Number you used to open your Access bank account and the daily limit for transfers is N20,000. Limits can be increased at any time. You must confirm from access bank office website

You don’t need a minimum balance to open an account and this can be done from your home office or anywhere in the world
Dial *901*0# and follow the instructions
Fill the forms and give them your BVN number. If everything goes fine, you will receive your account number through a text message.
With your Access Bank, buy MTN data, Glo data or Airtel recharge through your bank account by dialing *901*8#

If you need to check your account balance at any time, please follow the following
Simply Dial *901*5# on your Access Bank registered phone number
type your security code
your account balance will be displayed right in your eyes. So no need to go for the long queue you will have met in the banking hall.
This Access Bank *901# USSD Banking is available on all networks and it supports all smart and feature mobile phones. Only customers with an Access Bank account can perform transactions using *901#..


For assistance, additional queries and support using *901#, please call the Access Bank Contact Centre on 07002255222377 or send an email to [email protected]
You can also start a conversation with the Access Bank Live Chat

Transfer to an Access Bank account
Simply dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g: *901*1*1000*1234512345#) from your phone number. Authenticate using a four (4) digit security code. You can create a security code using the Menu option.

Transfer to other banks
Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g *901*2*1000*1234512345#) from your phone.   .

Benefits and Features
-Confirmation and Authentication is done using a four (4) digit security code.
- Security code can be created using the Menu option on your mobile .
- Money is removed directly from the Access account connected to the phone number used.
- Service attracts N20 charge (Transfers to Access Bank).
- Service attracts N50 + N2.50 (VAT) charges (Other Banks).


Customers’ Ombudsman Contact details:

Access Bank Plc., Head Office
Plot 999c, Danmole Street
Off Adeola Odeku/Idejo Street
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email Address: [email protected]

For all other issues, please reach out to our Contact Center with the details below.

Contact centers
You can also call our Numbers:
+234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500

Secrets of Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria : registration and application

Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria : registration and application

What is trader moni Nigeria?

This is one of the free loan scheme in Nigeria. And talking about free loans un Nigeria especially in Lagos, there is so many opportunities for our entrepreneurs. Trader moni organized by bank of industry is just one of them. The current Nigerian president and vice president has deemed it fit to give back to he society.

This money will actually be paid back . What I mean is that if you collected 10,000 naira you will pay it back with a little interest within a specified time. Then they will give you a loan of 20,000 naira. This continues and the last cycle is 50,000 naira loan . Read on to get more news about the bank of industry loans.

The federal government through the Bank of Industry (BOI) and Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP ) started this scheme to let people receive free loans. 

From what I’m seeing if this administration continues even after the 2019 election , it will likely receive lots of publicity and will move from what it is now (a mini programme to a large scale  programme was part of the federal government’s social intervention aimed at funding micro business in the country.

People ware fare are very important and this is the reason why the present administration has decided to give this a try. According to media sources and news ,

The vice-president said that the ‘Trader Moni’ programme will help in increasing micro and small scale businesses, and enhance the general GDP  across the nation.

How it works
You will be given a loan of 10,000.
And you will be given six months to pay back  this crucial loan. I know you will be thinking that the loan is too small but wait
10,000 for six months is more than ok to be repaid if you know what you are doing trust me.

Even if it is pure water that you decide to sell with this money . you know that you can easily sell 10,000 naira worth of pure water can even be sold in a month.
So do the math yourself.
I know you are probably thinking you wont be selling pure water. Yes I know
This is just an example for you to believe that six months to repay is more than enough for the trader moni boi project scheme.

Who is the Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria : registration and application for ? who may apply?

According to him, “this  scheme is targeted at petty traders,  with market women, then artisans and small scale business units to cater for very small-micro enterprises.

“this is one policy that is meant for small entrepreneurs businesses. It is actually tilted in your favour. Then let me say that you must think big. Do not under estimate what 10,000 and starting small can do

Some people may be skeptical that this sceme will only be temporary.well as with other policy of the federal government, we will just keep our hands crossed and see what will happen. It may last and it may not last but be ready to profit.
Yes profit while it is available

How many people will benefit?
They are targeting about 300,000 thirty thousand beneficiaries.
This is quite a large number. About 800 persons from each state . so you will definitely make it.

 the Trader Moni scheme are in all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)


“Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria :AGENTS  registration and application
The federal government will use mobile money agents which all ready has a strong base across the nation. They are readily available across the various state s of the country. This agents will have to register you and collect personal data . you will need to also have a bank account number. Since money will be paid into them.hobbylady
I will advise you to get a bank account with popular bank in Nigeria like GTbank or better still open the same bank with your agent in any state you are.
What I mean is that when the agent has the same account with yourself , the process will be easy so you can ask them first anyway.

Do you need any document?

“Under ‘Trader Moni’, traders don’t need any documents or property to collect N10, 000 loan from the federal government.

You need to get captured and register with an ID card . then the interest on the money is 2.5%
This is actually 250 naira on 10,000 naira .

 So if you have ever been turned away by banks or friends then hang on this may be the break you have been waiting for.

Trader moni agents in Nigerian statesLAGOSKANOBAUCHIYOBEOSUN and Anambra , Enugu Kebbi, Sokoto etc.

I cannot visit all states  but there are mobile money agent in so many states so ask and move out.


You will receive an activation code to activate your account in the Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria : registration and application aftermath . keep this codes securely or save them in your
Email and
Personal laptop

Do you have any more questions? Are you thinking if this money is for you?
Yes you can go fir it. But do your research of what to do with the moni before it arrives. This is the most important part.

Final words
Do not be afraid to apply for the Trader Moni BOI projects Nigeria . take this step.

N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

Are you seeking for the latest news and portal information of n power Nigeria?
Let us discuss briefly what the scheme is all about.

What is n power Nigeria? 

Yes the popular website what is this all about?
Are you seeking for the n power portal website programme? Then read on because it’s a nice programme and you may love what you will hear about it.

Do you know that some people actually perceive this scheme as a way to obtain free money from the federal government.

Haa free money like the trader money and any other money programme written on this website.
This is a federal government intervention scheme to recruit a large workforce.
Ok I will explain what a large workforce is all about and what they are programme to do.
When a lot of people are employed in a particular company or industry they become a workforce with time. So this is the reason and what we all have to say about it.
These workforce are also known as volunteers . a group of people gathered together to achieve a common goal. It has been repeated stated that the N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information introduced by the Nigerian government and carried out by many social media and news sites is voluntary.

Wow did I hear you say voluntary ?
Yes it is .
So is this a permanent job or what ?
Just like any other federal government scheme , there is no guarantee that it will last .
I see many youth apply for this programme online and at their website.

You can apply if you qualify and the application will be processed on-line

N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment job description

N-Power Teach Volunteers will help improve basic education delivery in Nigeria.
 N-Power Teach Volunteers will help our current teachers in the schools in various states in Nigeria do their work as assistants. Again you may be thinking that what is the need of being an assistant is it not better that to have a permanent job?

Trust me on this one.
A permanent job is the best. But still you need to give the n power programme a chance.
A full time teacher will always be preferred than the assistant but as with things they say half bread is better. When you are at this programme, be ready to get a decent job because this N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information news programme is temporary.
It is available today and may be off tomorrow . I hope you get this.


If you have skills you will be more than qualified for this programme.
What are skills?
They are the latent potentials to learn and do something
If you learned music
Dancing and writing they become skills as you practice them.
Learn things you love to learn.
And let me mention there are skills you will pay for to learn.
There is no other way.
Those who have skills gets the job
Sills always win.

Do you have any skills related to computer programming, computer graphics design, computer generated images, animation, server administration, database management, networking, etc? Then, N-Power needs you.

Candidates successful for N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

Higher institution graduates  from all disciplines inclusive of OND and NCE qualifications are to be considered after a training.

This training will last for…..
And the programme will be for  two years

 Accessing the N power Nigerian portal

When you are accessing the N power portal just know that you must be able to read and make good use of the internet and computer browsing.
You will need a good knowledge of how the N-power portal website works.
 the n power website is all that is required to apply for this scheme. Do not forget that updates and

Ultimately, N-Power Teach volunteers will be highly needed in the following areas and courses

? Professional Teachers if you can handle such

? Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Analyst

? Education Consultant, Associate,

? Strategy Consultant

? Education Services Manager

? Project Manager

? Project Supervisor

? Social services analyst



In this programme participants are to reach out agro allied firms and poultry related industries. From what I see only apply here if you have experience in something. May be how to grow a lemon. Ha! Just kidding. The agro industry is a boom. There is a strong prospect
Tax Nigerians they say. Tax collectors are needed in hundreds of thousands but you know Nigerians never love to pay taxes. It seems as a scary thing as you may be hated and stoned when doing the actual collection but not every one will be on the field. Some of the successful candidates will be in the tax offices.
Collecting tax can be easy or hard depending on the mode of collection.


This programme  will recruit builders and it depends on what the governments wants to build. Do they want to build a roads in Nigeria, build human capital or projects that could be executed by companies that have already started work. You may volunteer to be among the build team.


Are you a creative fellow and will love to be noticed , do you have thoughts and ideas that you have never shared with anyone then this is your time and opportunity. Join this team and you will have made an amazing decision. We have thinkers and visionary who will rule this world. So what are you waiting for. Access the n power portal website and register for the creative volunteers. Who knows you may save our government someday.
Are you medically inclined in nature or pursuing a career in nursing or medicine maybe you are just a lab technician. Do not look down on your profession. You now have N power for health professionals. Give medical aids easily. Do you remember we have health workers who help the government and non governmental organizations do polio immunization. You can guess there’s still more to do in the nation. Talk of cholera and malaria just name it. These are global disease that require lots of careful planning and implementation. The ministry of health will be in charge of these in any states in Nigeria.

Teachers are needed at all levels ,primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.s

This is among my favorite information technology is in high demand and if you have passion for these like I do then grab the bull by the horn


 To get all applicants registered and I believe . so many people are after the latest news on n power portal

So my take is that

Big brother naija show latest event's news 2018-19-2020

Big brother naija show latest event's news and registration

Big brother naija 2018, 19 and 2020 is a national or can I say global event which Has been holding since 2006
First aired on channels television and DSTV .
How does bbnaija news unfilds?

There will be 12 housemates in a furnished house and all of thm are to compete for the grand prize of a huge sum of money and other prizes.
View different seasons episode 1 23456789 10
This entertainment show is a TV reality show which contestant are either evicted,
Ejected or
Winner declared.

Big brother naija holds every year.
Get the latest gist on the following websites

African magic television station websites
Afican magic.

These will give you some of the latest updates in 2018-19  and 2020Big brother naija is for real.

Jamb website wahala: latest results released check now 2018

Updated Jamb portal  2018-19 and 2020 result checking process


If you wrote jamb examination this year or youu are among the candidate that took part or your brother and sister participated in the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) 2019/2020/21 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) that they can now check their results online.
If you want to check jamb utme result and admission list you need to follow this relevant links below

  • I will show you how to print jamb utme result slips
How to Check JAMB Result Online any day, anytime , anywhere updated.
In order for you to accomplish this, follow this shortcut!
1.      Go to JAMB result checking portal at
2.     Enter your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address in the required column.
3.     Click on ‘Check My Results’.
4.     The portal will load your result if it’s ready.
Jamb website on joint admission and matriculation board JAMB Nigeria for 2018, 19, 2020
  see how you can check your jamb results easily without stress.
never give up on your self
Every year thousands of candidates apply and writes jamb for obvious reasons and many wants to gain admission into different universities in Nigeria like the university of Ibadan, the university of Lagos and the university of Abuja's Nigeria's capital.

Before admission you need to check your jamb admission status and know what to do Jamb visit

This is the official website of the joint admission and matriculation board and if you want to check your latest jamb result .simply do any of the following
1.  Visit the jamb result checking portal at the jamb websites above
2. Register online to print the result slip
You must have an active phone number and e-mail address
After registration
The next thing is payment method . nothing is free oo

I hope you understand.
Choose to pay with any credit card you have or have or elder brother or mother pay with their card for you.

3. If success full  then print the result slip after logging inside the jamb portal. Jamb

Pls if you experience that their is difficulty then keep trying as sometimes printing of jamb slip may be slow for the server since many people are accessing it.
More latest jamb Nigeria news and universities .
NYSC  latest news registration portal  Go to NYSC website 2018-19

NYSC latest news registration portal Go to NYSC website 2018-19

NYSC  latest news registration portal
Go to NYSC website
Log on to the NYSC Website. You can use any of these three addresses for youth corpers.
How do one qualify for NYSC!
There are a number of ways one can be part of this wonderful scheme.
You must have completed your HND or bachelor's of science degree in an approved institution in Nigeria. When you have spent a minimum of four years in the university, you will receive a certificate and this will enable you for the Nigerian youth service corp forebear that you owe them nothing.
 some nysc corp members just passed out december
Are you seeking for the right NYSC website portal for registration? See
Why do online registration?
Because you may be far away from your school currently. Registration for NYSC is not compulsory to do it online but very necessary if you can't go to your school.

How much is the cost
Its only three thousand naira only.
Pls note that every one may not pay this amount. Except you want to do all online .

NYSC call up letters
On the issue of printing NYSC call up Letters. You can obtain this online if you want or go to the university you finished from. Call up letters are good and you will need to present it to any state you are posted.

NYSC posting influencing
How can this be done?
First it depends on the connection you have. Nysc posting has to be influenced before camp finishes.
Now I hope u are satisfied. See the nysc latest news , registration and portal . 

Latest ASUU strike news 2018-19

Asuu strike update
The academic staff  union of universities usually goes on strike for various reasons in Nigeria, these range from monetary reasons such as to improve the welfare of her members to ensuring that they are well and ok. On this site we shall tell you what to do anytime lecturers and Asuu strike update.
Don’t  allow others determine how you move academically and financially.

Why the embark on Asuu strike
For the academic and non academic staff, they want one or more of the following
1. better pay
Working staffs both junior and senior  wants a better payment  and allowances
2. good working conditions
3. recognition for  their hard work 

Ways to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily. solve alert issues

Ways  to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily

You've checked and confirmed that you made the first batch of the ongoing FG NPOWER job package program.

thank God!

and what to do now?

You need to validate your bank account details so that you'll be able to get payment directly into your account.

use  this step to add bank account number to your NPOWER Volunteer Network Portal.

Enter npower subdomain at

it will bring a tool containing USERNAME and PASSWORD

Use the phone number you registered with as your username and any of your three names as your password (my last name works for me as my password, so it depends)

at  the left hand corner (if you use laptop or desktop) you’ll see the following options:
• the Home
•the  Prepare
• the Announcements
• the Account Settings
• the About NPVN
• the Get Help
Click on Account settings

Clicking on your  account settings will bring up two sections:Personal Information; Bank information

Each of these options has in front of them EDIT.

To add the  bank account details, in front of bank information click on EDIT INFO

Then select the r bank and add your account number. You need not add BVN again it’ll automatically bring it up.

Click on update.

That’s all.

You can as well take a tour to explore other areas within your portal.

You can click on PREPARE to see the modules.
you can send complaints too

Some applicants who successfully took the online assessment test the last are finding it difficult to access the npower volunteer network with the same details they used last time.

if you are prequalified call them

Or send email to [email protected] make sure the complaints contains your full name, the email address associated with your npower account, and your complaints and send.
All the best.

You're likely to see Facebook or twitter connection before gaining access to the portal.

Click on any of the social media accounts you have account with.

Then you'll be redirected under the page click on PROCEED to follow the steps above.

If you link any of the social media accounts with your npower Network you can go back any time to disallow NPOWER from reading your activities on your social media account.



1) Mozilla Firefox

2) Chrome

3) Explorer

Login on a laptop or desktop or pad with at least 7inch screen size for an intuitive result.

How youwinconnect mentors can help you succeed

How youwinconnect mentors can help you succeed

Having mentors as an aspiring entrepreneur in any venture you intended is a step in the right direction. in Nigeria has come to stay and there are many business personnel that will be involved. Mentors are truly important and vital to your success. Have you veer asked yourself the importance of a coach to a football team?

Why do professional fighter have a coach?
You really need a business coach with respect to seeking youwin connect funds.
I must confess , that I am not without teacher or mentor.
Suceess is a must. Sometimes I wonder why people fail in a business that others succeed. When you decide to dig deep, you will find out that they kept repeating same old mistakes.

Plan to succeed. Everything that you do. Don’t wish to succeed.
Few years ago, I was about starting an NGO  and I went to nseek  counsel from a barrister friend in lagos. He listened carefully to all I want to say and thought critically about it. And being an experienced fellow , he told me that I cannot hand over the business to some people to run for me. I have to be present and physically involved.

Years later , I now understood what he meant. You don’t start a venture and hand it over to someone else.

You must be present because as the founder, you can  move the organization forward.

So here are some lessons I have gathered over the years that might be of help

1.       Mentors will tell you the truth.
I know that alone is not the only group offering entrepreneurship grant.  There are many more. Mentors will open your eyes to the real world.

Perhaps you are reading this and saying that where will you find these people to advise you?
Well you need to begin from tjose you know. If you know no one then walk to those doing the business line you have in mind and ask them few questions. Tell them you are a graduate student or a cooper. Ask from different sellers. This should be a starting point.
2.       Mentors halp you avoid mistakes

Finding mentors for youwinconnect application 

 is not an easy thing but be ready for their criticism. They may delay or be unsatisfied with your proposal but never give up. Its just a matter of time and you will be there. Avoid many mistakes others make. You will see a list of mistakes in my other article here and please read  that too so you will come out better. There is a technique I use to get the most out of my mentors . I have decided to send the full technique list for free if you subscribe to my site.

3.       Mentors speak for you.
No one is an island. You will not be present when they will shortlist your name.  see  my other article on what they usually look out for before getting shortlisted . more comments are welcomed. Let me know if you have a mentor already