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How youwinconnect mentors can help you succeed

How youwinconnect mentors can help you succeed

Having mentors as an aspiring entrepreneur in any venture you intended is a step in the right direction. in Nigeria has come to stay and there are many business personnel that will be involved. Mentors are truly important and vital to your success. Have you veer asked yourself the importance of a coach to a football team?

Why do professional fighter have a coach?
You really need a business coach with respect to seeking youwin connect funds.
I must confess , that I am not without teacher or mentor.
Suceess is a must. Sometimes I wonder why people fail in a business that others succeed. When you decide to dig deep, you will find out that they kept repeating same old mistakes.

Plan to succeed. Everything that you do. Don’t wish to succeed.
Few years ago, I was about starting an NGO  and I went to nseek  counsel from a barrister friend in lagos. He listened carefully to all I want to say and thought critically about it. And being an experienced fellow , he told me that I cannot hand over the business to some people to run for me. I have to be present and physically involved.

Years later , I now understood what he meant. You don’t start a venture and hand it over to someone else.

You must be present because as the founder, you can  move the organization forward.

So here are some lessons I have gathered over the years that might be of help

1.       Mentors will tell you the truth.
I know that alone is not the only group offering entrepreneurship grant.  There are many more. Mentors will open your eyes to the real world.

Perhaps you are reading this and saying that where will you find these people to advise you?
Well you need to begin from tjose you know. If you know no one then walk to those doing the business line you have in mind and ask them few questions. Tell them you are a graduate student or a cooper. Ask from different sellers. This should be a starting point.
2.       Mentors halp you avoid mistakes

Finding mentors for youwinconnect application 

 is not an easy thing but be ready for their criticism. They may delay or be unsatisfied with your proposal but never give up. Its just a matter of time and you will be there. Avoid many mistakes others make. You will see a list of mistakes in my other article here and please read  that too so you will come out better. There is a technique I use to get the most out of my mentors . I have decided to send the full technique list for free if you subscribe to my site.

3.       Mentors speak for you.
No one is an island. You will not be present when they will shortlist your name.  see  my other article on what they usually look out for before getting shortlisted . more comments are welcomed. Let me know if you have a mentor already
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