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Ways to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily. solve alert issues

Ways  to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily

You've checked and confirmed that you made the first batch of the ongoing FG NPOWER job package program.

thank God!

and what to do now?

You need to validate your bank account details so that you'll be able to get payment directly into your account.

use  this step to add bank account number to your NPOWER Volunteer Network Portal.

Enter npower subdomain at

it will bring a tool containing USERNAME and PASSWORD

Use the phone number you registered with as your username and any of your three names as your password (my last name works for me as my password, so it depends)

at  the left hand corner (if you use laptop or desktop) you’ll see the following options:
• the Home
•the  Prepare
• the Announcements
• the Account Settings
• the About NPVN
• the Get Help
Click on Account settings

Clicking on your  account settings will bring up two sections:Personal Information; Bank information

Each of these options has in front of them EDIT.

To add the  bank account details, in front of bank information click on EDIT INFO

Then select the r bank and add your account number. You need not add BVN again it’ll automatically bring it up.

Click on update.

That’s all.

You can as well take a tour to explore other areas within your portal.

You can click on PREPARE to see the modules.
you can send complaints too

Some applicants who successfully took the online assessment test the last are finding it difficult to access the npower volunteer network with the same details they used last time.

if you are prequalified call them

Or send email to [email protected] make sure the complaints contains your full name, the email address associated with your npower account, and your complaints and send.
All the best.

You're likely to see Facebook or twitter connection before gaining access to the portal.

Click on any of the social media accounts you have account with.

Then you'll be redirected under the page click on PROCEED to follow the steps above.

If you link any of the social media accounts with your npower Network you can go back any time to disallow NPOWER from reading your activities on your social media account.



1) Mozilla Firefox

2) Chrome

3) Explorer

Login on a laptop or desktop or pad with at least 7inch screen size for an intuitive result.
Ways to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily. solve alert issues Ways  to Add bank account number to your Npower portal easily. solve alert issues Reviewed by sarah tonia on February 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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