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N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

Are you seeking for the latest news and portal information of n power Nigeria?
Let us discuss briefly what the scheme is all about.

What is n power Nigeria? 

Yes the popular website what is this all about?
Are you seeking for the n power portal website programme? Then read on because it’s a nice programme and you may love what you will hear about it.

Do you know that some people actually perceive this scheme as a way to obtain free money from the federal government.

Haa free money like the trader money and any other money programme written on this website.
This is a federal government intervention scheme to recruit a large workforce.
Ok I will explain what a large workforce is all about and what they are programme to do.
When a lot of people are employed in a particular company or industry they become a workforce with time. So this is the reason and what we all have to say about it.
These workforce are also known as volunteers . a group of people gathered together to achieve a common goal. It has been repeated stated that the N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information introduced by the Nigerian government and carried out by many social media and news sites is voluntary.

Wow did I hear you say voluntary ?
Yes it is .
So is this a permanent job or what ?
Just like any other federal government scheme , there is no guarantee that it will last .
I see many youth apply for this programme online and at their website.

You can apply if you qualify and the application will be processed on-line

N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment job description

N-Power Teach Volunteers will help improve basic education delivery in Nigeria.
 N-Power Teach Volunteers will help our current teachers in the schools in various states in Nigeria do their work as assistants. Again you may be thinking that what is the need of being an assistant is it not better that to have a permanent job?

Trust me on this one.
A permanent job is the best. But still you need to give the n power programme a chance.
A full time teacher will always be preferred than the assistant but as with things they say half bread is better. When you are at this programme, be ready to get a decent job because this N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information news programme is temporary.
It is available today and may be off tomorrow . I hope you get this.


If you have skills you will be more than qualified for this programme.
What are skills?
They are the latent potentials to learn and do something
If you learned music
Dancing and writing they become skills as you practice them.
Learn things you love to learn.
And let me mention there are skills you will pay for to learn.
There is no other way.
Those who have skills gets the job
Sills always win.

Do you have any skills related to computer programming, computer graphics design, computer generated images, animation, server administration, database management, networking, etc? Then, N-Power needs you.

Candidates successful for N- POWER NIGERIA: news recruitment portal information

Higher institution graduates  from all disciplines inclusive of OND and NCE qualifications are to be considered after a training.

This training will last for…..
And the programme will be for  two years

 Accessing the N power Nigerian portal

When you are accessing the N power portal just know that you must be able to read and make good use of the internet and computer browsing.
You will need a good knowledge of how the N-power portal website works.
 the n power website is all that is required to apply for this scheme. Do not forget that updates and

Ultimately, N-Power Teach volunteers will be highly needed in the following areas and courses

? Professional Teachers if you can handle such

? Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Analyst

? Education Consultant, Associate,

? Strategy Consultant

? Education Services Manager

? Project Manager

? Project Supervisor

? Social services analyst



In this programme participants are to reach out agro allied firms and poultry related industries. From what I see only apply here if you have experience in something. May be how to grow a lemon. Ha! Just kidding. The agro industry is a boom. There is a strong prospect
Tax Nigerians they say. Tax collectors are needed in hundreds of thousands but you know Nigerians never love to pay taxes. It seems as a scary thing as you may be hated and stoned when doing the actual collection but not every one will be on the field. Some of the successful candidates will be in the tax offices.
Collecting tax can be easy or hard depending on the mode of collection.


This programme  will recruit builders and it depends on what the governments wants to build. Do they want to build a roads in Nigeria, build human capital or projects that could be executed by companies that have already started work. You may volunteer to be among the build team.


Are you a creative fellow and will love to be noticed , do you have thoughts and ideas that you have never shared with anyone then this is your time and opportunity. Join this team and you will have made an amazing decision. We have thinkers and visionary who will rule this world. So what are you waiting for. Access the n power portal website and register for the creative volunteers. Who knows you may save our government someday.
Are you medically inclined in nature or pursuing a career in nursing or medicine maybe you are just a lab technician. Do not look down on your profession. You now have N power for health professionals. Give medical aids easily. Do you remember we have health workers who help the government and non governmental organizations do polio immunization. You can guess there’s still more to do in the nation. Talk of cholera and malaria just name it. These are global disease that require lots of careful planning and implementation. The ministry of health will be in charge of these in any states in Nigeria.

Teachers are needed at all levels ,primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.s

This is among my favorite information technology is in high demand and if you have passion for these like I do then grab the bull by the horn


 To get all applicants registered and I believe . so many people are after the latest news on n power portal

So my take is that

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